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Our Mission

At Woodlands Dance Theatre, our mission is to ​offer people of all ages and backgrounds in the Greater North Houston Community opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves through dance and the performing arts.  We believe that dance is not just a physical activity, but also a powerful tool for promoting mental and emotional well-being. Our programs are designed to develop students' confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging, while also promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Help us Make a Difference

WDT has the pleasure of helping the Boys and Girls Club in Galveston with uniforms and pom poms for their dance team. These 10 girls have worked hard over the past year and demonstrated their commitment to their team. Our goal is to raise $350 to help them reach their goal.


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Help Woodlands Dance Theatre continue to inspire through dance

Your gift can change lives in our community

At the WDT, we strive to make dance accessible to everyone. Our organization is dedicated to celebrating the cultures and traditions of our community through dance, and we believe that dance has both physical and mental benefits. By making a donation, you can help us continue to provide dance education to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Your contribution will make a difference and help us achieve our mission. Here are a few of the ways your generosity can help:

1. Enriching the Community: Dance and the arts contribute to the cultural fabric of our community. They provide opportunities for individuals to experience and engage with different art forms, fostering creativity, diversity, and cultural appreciation. Donations help ensure that these enriching experiences are accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic background.

2. Education and Skill Development: Dance programs offer valuable educational opportunities for dancers of all ages. They provide training, mentorship, and guidance to aspiring artists, helping them develop discipline, perseverance, and artistic expression. By donating, you support the growth and development of talented dancers, enabling them to reach their full potential.

3. Health and Well-being: Dance is a form of physical activity that promotes physical fitness, coordination, and overall well-being. Supporting dance programs means investing in the health and wellness of dancers. Donations can provide resources for proper training facilities, equipment, and health services, ensuring the safety and longevity of dancers' careers.

4. Community Engagement and Collaboration: Dance programs often engage with the local community through performances, workshops, and outreach initiatives. These activities promote social interaction, build bridges between diverse groups, and create a sense of belonging. Donations help fund community engagement efforts, allowing dance programs to reach a wider audience and make a positive impact.

5. Economic Impact: The arts industry plays a significant role in stimulating economic growth. Dance programs contribute to job creation, tourism, and cultural tourism, attracting audiences from near and far. By supporting dance programs, you contribute to the economic vitality of our community and help sustain a thriving arts ecosystem.

Donating to Woodlands Dance Theatre Programs not only supports the development of talented dancers but also enhances the cultural landscape, promotes well-being, fosters community engagement, and drives economic growth. Your support makes a difference in the lives of dancers and our community as a whole. Together, let's ensure the enduring presence and growth of dance and the arts.

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