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Información sobre matrícula y tarifas

A continuación, describimos la matrícula y las tarifas de Woodlands Dance Theatre para 2023.

Puede acceder a secciones específicas directamente debajo:


Estamos muy agradecidos por el servicio brindado por nuestros militares, socorristas y maestros. Como nuestra forma de agradecerle, traiga una identificación o prueba de servicio a su primera clase y aplicaremos el descuento a su cuenta.

  1. Militar/Policía/Bombero/EMS/Maestro $10 de descuento al mes

  2. Solicite asistencia financiera a través de nuestro Fondo de Becas. Aprende más



At Woodlands Dance Theatre, we are committed to providing high-quality dance education and opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We firmly believe that dance has the power to inspire, uplift, and transform lives. It is through the generosity and support of our dancers and their families that we are able to continue our mission and make a lasting impact in the community.


Tuition plays a vital role in supporting our program and allows us to maintain the excellence and accessibility of our offerings. Here's how your tuition directly contributes to the success of our organization:


1. Expert Instruction: Our dedicated team of experienced dance instructors is the heart of our organization. Your tuition enables us to attract and retain talented professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise and nurturing the growth of our students. By compensating our instructors fairly, we ensure that they can continue to provide top-notch instruction and guidance.


2. Scholarships and Financial Aid: We believe that dance education should be accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. A portion of the tuition funds goes towards our scholarship and financial aid programs, which help students who may not have the means to participate otherwise. Through these initiatives, we can create opportunities for talented individuals who would otherwise be unable to pursue their passion for dance.


3. Facility Maintenance and Upgrades: Our dance studio is a safe and welcoming space that fosters creativity and growth. Tuition contributions are utilized to cover facility maintenance costs, ensuring a clean, well-equipped environment for our students. Additionally, these funds enable us to invest in necessary upgrades such as flooring, mirrors, and sound systems, enhancing the overall dance experience.


4. Performance Opportunities: We believe that showcasing the talent and hard work of our students is an essential part of their dance education. Your tuition helps us organize recitals, and community performances, providing valuable opportunities for our dancers to showcase their skills and build their confidence. These events also allow us to engage with the wider community and share the joy of dance.


5. Program Development: As a non-profit organization, we are constantly striving to improve and expand our offerings. With the support of tuition funds, we can invest in curriculum development, workshops, master classes, and guest artist programs. These initiatives broaden the horizons of our students, expose them to diverse dance styles and techniques, and foster their artistic growth.


We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our students and their families. Your tuition not only enables us to maintain the high standards of our dance program but also empowers us to make a difference in the lives of individuals through the transformative power of dance. 


Tuition by Class

All classes are $25 per class

There is a 16% Discount when choosing to pay monthly


Number of classes                                          Tuition

1                                                                                91.00

2                                                                                182.00

3                                                                                273.00

4                                                                                291.20

5+                                                                             341.25

Class Cards (Valid for 12 months)

10 Classes $200

30 Classes $600


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